Our environmental protection philosophy

At Ecogarments we care about Apparel,about the people who wear them and the people who make them.We believe that success is not measured solely in money,but in the positive impact we have on those around us and our planet.

We are passionate.We are pure.We challenge those around us to take responsibility for their ecological footprint.And we always strive to think outside the box to build a lasting business case for sustainable,good quality Apparel.

Benefits & Strengths

As an apparel manufacturer, we use natural and organic materials where possible, avoiding plastic and toxic substances.

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Eco Garment, an eco-friendly garment company, specializes in organic and natural fiber products. Our major products include tops, T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, pants, skirts, dresses, sweatpants, yoga wear, and kids' apparel.

  • 10+ Experience 10+ Experience

    10+ Experience

    More than 10+ years experience in production of apparel.
  • More Than 4000m2 Factory More Than 4000m2 Factory

    More Than 4000m2 Factory

    4000M2+ Professional Manufacturer 1000+ Apparel Machine.
  • One-Stop OEM/ODEM One-Stop OEM/ODEM

    One-Stop OEM/ODEM

    One-stop OEM/ODM Solutions.You will find everything about apparel.
  • Ecofriendly Material Ecofriendly Material

    Ecofriendly Material

    Taking responsibility for our ecological footprint. Specializes in organic and natural fiber products.
  • Stable Supply Stable Supply

    Stable Supply

    Popular product Huge in stock, A great supplier chain to ensure stable supply and price.
  • New fashion&Trends New fashion&Trends

    New fashion&Trends

    Monthly update for New styles and trends.

Hot Products

We are not only committed to providing customers with high-performance,high-quality products,but alsoProvide customers with safe and pleasant environmentally friendly products

(PXCSC for short),is a professional ceramic enterprise with integrated capability of product research&development,manufacture,business management and services.


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    What Are the Benefits of Bamboo Fabric?

    What Are the Benefits of Bamboo Fabric? Comfortable and Soft If you think nothing can compare to the softness and comfort offered by cotton fabric, think again. Organic bamboo fibers are not treated with harmful chemical processes, so they are smoother and do not have the same sharp edges that...

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    Why bamboo popular in 2022 and 2023 ?

    What is bamboo fiber? Bamboo fiber is the fiber made of bamboo wood as raw material, there are two kinds of bamboo fiber: primary cellulose fiber and regenerated cellulose fiber. Primary cellulose that is the original bamboo fiber, bamboo regenerated cellulose fiber has bamboo pulp fiber and bamb...

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    The Overall Operation Of China’s Garment Industry Continues The Development Trend Of Stabilization And Recovery

    China News Agency, Beijing, September 16 (Reporter Yan Xiaohong) The China Garment Association released the economic operation of China’s garment industry from January to July 2022 on the 16th. From January to July, the industrial added value of enterprises above designated size in the garm...

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    Why is bamboo sustainable?

      Bamboo is sustainable for several reasons. First, it’s darn easy to grow. Bamboo farmers need not do much to ensure a bumper crop. Pesticides and complex fertilizers are all but unnecessary. This is because bamboo self-regenerates from its roots, which can thrive...

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